Bill's 2017 Market Update


Dear Clients and Friends,

     2016 went out with a smash just like many years prior. It is beginning to sound like an old broken record. My prediction for 2017 is, Yes, you have guessed it - another phenomenal year for record real estate sale in the Toronto and vicinity area. As affordable housing is becoming less and less within Metro Toronto, there will be a significant increase in both sales and price increase in the "bedroom communities" fringing the Toronto area. For the same reasons, condo sales will also benefit especially for the first time home buyers.

     With Trump administration advocating "closed door" policy on immigration and freedom of access, more and more people will choose to immigrate to Canada including Americans!

     The British Columbia's policy of 15% excise tax on foreign buyers also have resulted in them graviating to the Troonto area for their investment adding extra pressure on demand and hence prices.

     In all, 2017 will be likely be another boom year for real estate in the Toronto and areas. Most than ever, in selling or buying and with bidding war galore, sellers and buyers alike will benefit from advice and guidance of a seasoned real estate professional to help them come up with plans and strategies in order to come put on top the current market situations.